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“Creation of new tourist route “Estonia - Russia” by developing
Virtual World of Russian Museum with participation of Estonian
and Russian young people/Virtual Tourism”

Lead partner:

Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale


1. The State Russian Museum
2. Kohtla-Järve Town Government


January 2008 – December 2009

The Project description:

The project deveiops cooperation between State Russian Museum and the first cross-border Information and education centre "Russian Museum: virtual branch" in Estonia at Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale. The project focuses on scientific, methodological, and educational innovations implemented by Russian Museum experts, which are aimed at preservation and active use of Russian cultural heritage. It also involves Estonian and Russian students in the process of digital restoration of historical and art objects, creating new Interactive models and developing software offering virtual reconstruction of a number of Russian Museum exhibits. Newly established virtual exhibition is open for visitors at the premises of Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale.

The project impacts:
  • Four two-day informational seminars with participation of project group members and official partner representatives (two seminars in Kohtla-Jarve and Narva, Estonia, and two in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Russia). Number of participants - 10.

  • One two-day round table session in St. Petersburg, Russia with participation of project workgroup members, Russian Museum experts, Estonian and Russian IT and computer modelling experts, Estonian and Russian university lecturers.20 participants.

  • New algorithms of virtually reconstructed museum exhibits.

  • Four educational sessions for students (two in Estonia, and two in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region). Each educational session will last five days and involve 30 people (students, teachers, experts).

  • A suite of new computer software and modules offering virtual reconstruction of selected museum exhibits. A package of methodological materials from Russian Museum with instructions on the use of new virtual objects.

  • Two two-day training seminars in Kohtla-Jarve to instruct the centre employees, local artists, art school teachers, secondary school teachers, travel agents on presenting the basics of Russian cultural heritage and competent use of virtual Russian Museum collections. Number of participants at each seminar - 25.

  • A package of Estonian translations for the new software.

  • 2 TV link sessions.

  • One distance and on-site Olympiad for young people titled "Russian Museum in palaces and on the Internet".

  • Compiling two chapters of International Art Internet Book for Young People, devoted to Estonian and Russian art heritage as well as publishing their print version to be used as educational materials by staff and visitors at Kohtla-Jarve information and education centre "Russian Museum: virtual branch".

  • Delivery of the new materials to other Russian information and education centres "Russian Museum: virtual branch" including the 3 centres in Leningrad Region.

  • Four briefings for media reporters throughout the project implementation. 15 participants at each briefing.

  • Publications for web sites of State Russian Museum and Kohtla-Jarve centre reporting on the intermediate and final project results. 8 web publications during two years.

  • Information supplied to travel agents for potential visitors of Kohtla-Jarve centre and tourists. 4 information packages in Russian, Estonian, and English throughout duration of the project.

  • Information exchange with other Russian centres "Russian Museum: virtual branch" with the aim of creating a common cultural information space between Russia and Estonia in the sphere of Russian cultural heritage.

  • Round table session in St. Petersburg with 30 participants to sum up the project results.